Tokyo May 2006

Plants - Tokyo May 2006


Sunday 28th May 2006

A quick look at the state of the plants on our blacony.

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11:57:09 So here's the larger of the two olive trees, which is starting to flower now...

11:57:16 You can see quite a lot of buds here (and the edge of the glorious whisky barrel in which it resides).

11:57:50 The planter with our little herb collection. The coffee plant hasn't done much, whereas the oregano has grown quite unruly! The Italian parsley, on the other hand, has pretty much died out.

11:57:57 The rosemary isn't looking 100% either - but I think it is natural for them to shed leaves a bit now and again.

11:58:06 Back to the olive trees then!

11:58:11 I took lots of pictures in quick succession...

11:58:21 ....I'm too lazy to edit them...

11:58:28 can see my feet here!

11:58:35 Yet more of the same...

11:58:41 ....and more...

11:59:26 There's Chie doing the "gardening". Funny to call it that when we don't really have a garden!

12:01:44 The planter again, after some pruning.

12:01:55 Oh and you can see our scissors here. Woopee!

12:02:15 The big olive tree in the whisky barrel. It still smells of whisky - superb.