Tokyo May 2006

Lorenzo - Tokyo May 2006


Thursday 25th May 2006

A few pictures from the tail end of an evening out with Lorenzo, on his last night of a business trip to Japan.

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21:44:29 To kick of the proceedings, a composizione Japonese-Italian del crazy.

21:51:38 Here's me and Lorenzo looking, errr, pensive....?!?!

21:52:41 Chie being very proactive with the beer here.

22:09:06 Here follows a series of shots for the shocking newspaper headlines: "LORENZO EATS LOW GRADE NON-ITALIAN PIZZA!!!".

22:09:35 require several attempts to get the most incriminating picture. Here he is actually using that evil fake parmesan type stuff in a little plastic tub (or at least pretending to for the sake of the picture).

22:09:40 Lorenzo looking shocked at being caught in the act.

22:10:09 ...oh and once more with the flash, to make sure we could take in the full horror of the fake Parmesan cheese-in-a-tub.

22:43:59 Just before saying our goodbyes, one last round of photos in the passageways of Shinjuku station. What a handsome couple of gents!

22:44:38 Lorenzo and Chie here - composition a little lacking here (entirely my fault!).

22:45:24 A nice lady walking past offered to take a picture of the three of us - this is one of the great things about being in Japan!

23:07:44 Finally, on the way home, a bizarre picture of a sign depicting "WATER UNDER CONSTRUCTION" - so presumably here they are fusing together oxygen and hydrogen atoms. Clever stuff!