Tokyo August 2006

Tokyo August 2006

Pictures in Tokyo in August 2006.

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Takaosan Beer Garden
Thursday 3rd August 2006
A jolly nice evening out at the beer garden atop Takaosan - a mountain near Tokyo.

Sunday Afternoon in Shinjuku
Sunday 6th August 2006
An afternoon out shopping in Shinjuku, but thankfully one of those shopping trips were more time is spent in cafes etc.

Tuesday 8th August 2006
Just a one off picture taken with my mobile of a rather dramatic sunset on my way home from work. Of course the effect is almost entirely lost due to the general crapness of the camera in my mobile phone!

Saturday with Haruka-kun
Saturday 12th August 2006
We were going to go to the Takaosan Beer Garden today, but rain rather stopped play. So instead we had a fairly quiet day, staying in in the afternoon, then going out locally with Haruka-kun in the evening.

Miurakaigan Beach
Sunday 13th August 2006
We randomly decided it would be nice to go and sea the sea in the afternoon, and thankfully it appears this is actually a fairly practical proposition from central Tokyo!

Nippara Shonyudo Caves
Sunday 27th August 2006
A daytrip to go and visit some caves in North Western Tokyo prefecture.