Tokyo August 2006

Nippara Shonyudo Caves - Tokyo August 2006

Nippara Shonyudo Caves

Sunday 27th August 2006

A daytrip to go and visit some caves in North Western Tokyo prefecture.

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14:51:12 On the way from the bus stop to the caves, we passed this house which quite literally had a roof garden.

15:07:18 A quick view of the misty forest covered mountains - it was a bit Chinese looking round here.

15:15:53 The entrance to the caves - I liked to imagine this a bit like the gateway to Minas Tirith in Lord of the Rings. :)

15:17:18 Chie demonstrating how, even at the entrance, it was a bit cold.

15:17:59 Inside the caves. Utterly typical of me - I got rather over excited at the start and took lots of less-than-exciting pictures in a short succession.

15:18:14 we have a lot of pictures of Chie just walking down the tunnels...

15:19:40 ...and then I started to get the low battery warning indicator!

15:19:53 So yet more of the same.

15:21:05 Could do with a few goblins to spruce things up a bit.

15:24:41 Sort of a crossroads in the tunnel network here.

15:25:00 More of the same...

15:25:31 ....right so here is the big central cavern. Not sure if the pictures really do it justice, but it was quite impressive at the time.

15:26:52 Lots of little cairns - I think this might be a Shinto/Buddhist thing.

15:27:33 Chie from an unusual angle.

15:27:58 Me in the big cavern - a bit blurred.

15:28:44 Lots of steps everywhere.

15:29:06 Chie re-adjusting her hat. We were getting dripped on a lot.

15:30:46 One of the smaller caves leading off the large central cavern with a little shrine in it. Not sure if you can see that well in the picture, but the cave wall was covered with coins - they'd been stuck to the rock face just by the dripping lime.

15:33:51 One last shot of the main cavern before the batteries ran out!