Tokyo August 2006

Saturday with Haruka-kun - Tokyo August 2006

Saturday with Haruka-kun

Saturday 12th August 2006

We were going to go to the Takaosan Beer Garden today, but rain rather stopped play. So instead we had a fairly quiet day, staying in in the afternoon, then going out locally with Haruka-kun in the evening.

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13:50:56 Those clouds were looking pretty ominous...

14:03:44 ...and sure enough, a while later it was truly pissing it down.

14:04:03 Hmmm not so easy to get the effect here - but trust me it was raining very hard - plus thunder and lightning too.

18:05:02 So in the early evening we met up with Haruka-kun for a few rounds of pool.

19:46:10 In a nearby Italian restaurant getting a bite to eat.

19:46:21 Haruka-kun expressing excitement at some form of croquette.