Tokyo August 2006

Sunday Afternoon in Shinjuku - Tokyo August 2006

Sunday Afternoon in Shinjuku

Sunday 6th August 2006

An afternoon out shopping in Shinjuku, but thankfully one of those shopping trips were more time is spent in cafes etc.

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15:24:38 So we started off getting a quick snack as a late lunch in one of the little places in the food hall underneath Bic Camera.

15:33:36 Here's Chie with some very pleasant grapefruit juice.

16:33:41 Later on we decided to pop into this French style cafe we'd often looked at in Lumine, in Shinjuku station itself. Oh and we'd bought a new address book, so spent a few minutes oddly filling out addresses here.

16:33:54 The water jug that came with my Pernod looked a lot like the sort of beakers used in science laboratories...

16:34:08 ....and so naturally, with the addition of Chie's glasses, this "scientist" shot ensued.

16:37:26 Chie and her green drink.

16:58:00 Last picture. We liked this cafe/bar place - I think we'll come again.