Tokyo August 2006

Takaosan Beer Garden - Tokyo August 2006

Takaosan Beer Garden

Thursday 3rd August 2006

A jolly nice evening out at the beer garden atop Takaosan - a mountain near Tokyo.

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17:44:37 So here's me standing in front of the cable car station.

17:56:29 In the cable car, waiting to go to the top of the mountain... The feeling of excitement amongst my fellow passengers was quite palpable!

17:56:36 A couple of extra cable car pictures..

17:56:43 ...and more of the same.

17:56:53 ...and one of TK on the platform.

18:04:54 Although this is my third trip to Takaosan, I still found the trip on the cable car on the way up quite fun - too late I realised I should try and capture that in a picture, and so we just have this blurry photo in the little tunnel near the top.

18:24:06 Whilst cable cars are all very nice, let us not forget what we're here for. Canpai!

18:27:53 We made a concerted effort to arrive early, so we could see the sun set.

19:30:05 Here's me soaking up the ambience...

19:30:23 ...and TK. Hmmm it doesn't look like we're having a whole lot of fun in these pictures, but trust me, it was great!

19:50:55 The night view from the beer garden - not the world's greatest picture, but hopefully you get the idea.

19:51:07 The same thing again.

20:50:14 Some of the other people we were sharing a table with decided to include themselves in this picture - nice.

20:50:37 This one is a bit sharper, and also includes some controversial hand gestures from our new found Japanese friends.

20:53:46 I wanted to get a picture with me and TK in as we were leaving, however this kind young lady may have misunderstood my terrible Japanese...

20:55:47 ...that's more like it - but unfortunately it is pretty blurred. I really ought to turn the flsh on when giving my camera to other people!

20:57:56 Back at the cable car, ready to head home.

20:58:09 Oyasumi nassai Takaosan!