Tokyo August 2006

Miurakaigan Beach - Tokyo August 2006

Miurakaigan Beach

Sunday 13th August 2006

We randomly decided it would be nice to go and sea the sea in the afternoon, and thankfully it appears this is actually a fairly practical proposition from central Tokyo!

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16:42:07 So here's me on the last bit of our train journey, not long before arriving at Miurakaigan.

17:01:55 So judging by this picture we did in fact make it to the beach! I rather like this picture of Chie going for a paddle.

17:11:11 The day was drawing to a close which was rather nice actually - the sun was just starting to think about setting, and the place was nice and quiet. Very relaxing!

17:13:08 Just sea, sky and sand - what a wonderful constrast from the centre of Tokyo!

17:13:39 Chie put this towel round my neck, as apparently it made me look like a middle aged man.

17:39:56 Chie looking a bit serious.

17:42:54 So nice just to watch the waves lapping against the shore.

17:43:10 A bit of a nice sky there behind Chie.

17:43:40 I don't really like this picture so much - something about my posture and the towel really makes me look old!

17:43:45 That's a bit better.

17:43:54 This is also not too hateful.

17:44:03 Even this is fine.

17:44:20 Chie's feet.

17:44:32 Chie's feet and my feet.

17:48:16 The sea again. That's all folks!