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Here's my pictures from my third trip to Japan, between Friday 20th December 2002 and Sunday January 5th 2003. This was my third trip to Japan, for the first time in winter rather than spring, and my first time to spend Christmas and New year away from the UK.

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Friday 20th December
Landed at Kansai airport, a brief tour of Osaka castle, and then back to Chie's sister's flat for some very nice kimchi nabe.
Saturday 21th December
A lazy day lolling around the flat, with curry for dinner in the evening.
Sunday 22nd December
A day out in Kyoto.
Monday 23rd December
On the train to Hiroshima, with a stop off in Okayama to see Hiroshi and Hiromu.
Tuesday 24th December
Christmas Eve, wandering around Hiroshima.
Wednesday 25th December
Christmas Day, an epic train journey to try and find snow, and then back to the family home for cake and champagne.
Thursday 26th December
Boxing Day, met some of Chie's friends in Hiroshima.
Friday 27th December
A random boat trip to one of the islands near Hiroshima.
Saturday 28th December
A lazy day, nothing really happened. So no pictures!
Sunday 29th December
First day of our coach trip to the North of Japan to stay at a Ryokan with an Onsen.
Monday 30th December
Second day of our coach trip, museums and gardens.
Tuesday 31st December
New Tear's Eve - Lasagne for dinner and then a quick visit to a Buddhist temple for some bell ringing.
Wednesday 1st January
New Year's Day - doing shinto stuff.
Thursday 2nd January
Shopping in Hiroshima.
Friday 3rd January
Chie was ill today, so we just stayed in. So no pictures again!
Saturday 4th January
A trip to the optician's, and then the Shinkansen to Osaka.
Sunday 5th January
The flight back to England.
Some of my favourite pictures from this trip, in full size, which might make nice backgrounds for your desktop.
A collection of all the images involving examples of Japanese English.