John's Trip to Japan 2002
Sunday 28th April
Arrived in Japan, and started the holiday with a Barbeque in Kusatsu by lake Biwako.
Monday 29th April
The Matsuri in Kusatsu, then on to Kyoto in the evening to stay in Shukuboh temple.
Tuesday 30th April
Up early to pray with the monks in Shukuboh, then a wander around Chion-in and Ginkakuji in Kyoto before heading on to Hiroshima.
Wednesday 1st May
Visiting some of Chie's family in the daytime, then out and about in the Izakaiyas of Hiroshima in the evening.
Thursday 2nd May
Driving in the mountains and by the sea, then back home for okonomiyaki.
Friday 3rd May
A trip to Miyajima to climb Mt. Misen, and visit some more of Chie's family.
Saturday 4th May
Visiting Chie's grandparents, and then got the train to Osaka.
Sunday 5th May
Back to England.