John's Trip to Japan 2002

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15:02. The view from Naomi's (Chie's mother's cousin - I'm sure there must be a quicker way to write that) appartment, near Hiroshima, where we'd had come for a brief afternoon visit. I think the island there is Miyajima.

15:02. Not so sure about the rest of these islands though...

15:02. Still, a marvellous view to have from your lounge window, wherever it is.

15:10. Harunachan, Naomi's daughter, entertaining me and Chie with her magic tricks (she was very good as well).

15:13. Harunachan and her friend Mariyechan teach Chie to do magic.

15:47. Yoshikikun (Haruna's little brother) with his spinning top battle arena thingy.

15:48. This was actually quite fun.

16:19. Chie, Haruna and Yoshiki building a home for their hamster Candy.

17:15. Yoshiki with his impressive collection of Thomas the Tank Engine toys.

17:21. The whole family, including Candy.

17:24. Enjoying the view again. I'm almost convinced that's Miyajima.

17:24. Marvellous.

20:00. In the evening we went to a really great little Izakaiya in the centre of Hiroshima with Chie's dad and his friend Kumadasan (on the right hand side here).

20:00. Later Chie's Mum and sister Yuka joined too.

20:03. The owner of the Izakaiya - a very nice bloke, and a very good chef.

20:05. Outside the Izakaiya - heartily recommended if you ever happen to be in Hiroshima of an evening, and feeling a little peckish.

20:05. Myself, Kumadasan, Chie's Dad, Chie's Mum and Yuka. I think Mum and Yuka may have gone home just after this.

23:09. Chie's Dad, Kumadasan, myself and Chie carried on to another Izakaiya. This time more of a chain Izakaiya, and as such not as much character as the first one, but still, nice in it's own way - particuarly as (apparently) they made their own beer on the premises - in fact you can see some of the pipes of the brewery behind us in this picture.

23:36. Back at Chie's family's flat. In the foreground here, you can see the giant peppermill my brother bought Chie for christmas.

00:44. Old habits die hard.