John's trip toJapan

Finally got it all uploaded - enjoy!

Also take a look at some of the video clips I took...
Saturday 7th
First day, arrived in Osaka, quick look around Kyoto, then on to Kusatsu to stay with Chie's sister, Kana.
Sunday 8th
Out in Kusatsu.
Monday 9th
A trip to Nara to see a giant Buddha statue, as well as a brief meeting with Leon in Kyoto.
Tuesday 10th
A tour of Kyoto's temples.
Wednesday 11th
On to Hiroshima to stay with the rest of Chie's family, by way of Osaka for a quick trip on the big wheel.
Thursday 12th
A lazy day in Hiroshima. Mostly sleeping!
Friday 13th
Around the peace park and city centre in Hiroshima.
Saturday 14th (Afternoon)
Afternoon taking a walk with the Moriwakis, then on to Nagoya.
Saturday 14th (Evening)
A night on the town in Nagoya with Leon!
Sunday 15th
Wandering around Nagoya.
Monday 16th
More wandering around Nagoya.
Tuesday 17th
Travel to Tokyo and sightseeing on Odaiba.
Wednesday 18th
More Tokyo sightseeing, mainly around Shinjuku.
Thursday 19th
Morning in Ueno, afternoon in Akihabara, before heading back to Kusatsu to stay with Kana again.
Friday 20th
Travelling back to Hiroshima.
Saturday 21st
Daytime in Miyajima, evening in sushi bar and karaoke place.
Sunday 22nd
Shopping in Hiroshima, plus a meal out with Chie's friend.
Monday 23rd
Last day in Hiroshima, on to Osaka in the evening.
Tuesday 24th
Back to England.