08:28:38. The first picture I took in Japan,just a few minutes after arriving inOsaka Kansai airport. From here Iwould get the train to Kyoto.

09:38:09. On the train on the way to Kyoto.The meaning of this poster is clearlylost, but to anyone who understands thesignificance of the two kanji in the bottomright hand corner...

10:15:10. Kyoto station, where I waited to meetChie - I thought this was really impressive!

10:15:19. A not-so-interesting shot of Kyotostation.

10:29:05. Chie has arrived but I am hiding from her!See if you can spot her in this picture!

10:46:20. Here she is!

10:47:02. ...and here's me.

10:53:11. I needed a drink, so we popped intoa food hall thing attached to the stationcomplex. This is a bottle of finest Qoo.

10:53:31. The sort of blatant product placementbrands like Qoo probably almost neverreceive.

11:30:19. Still in the station complex, here's apicture from a kind ofobservation platform, quite high up.

11:30:35. Here's a full picture of Kyoto tower.

11:41:33. A strange animated musical float thing,with Kyoto tower looming in the background.

11:52:45. When in Kyoto, it seems to bethe donething to go and visit temples. So hereis one.

11:53:56. One of the main buildings inside thetemple compound.

12:00:48. A peek through to some monksdoing what monks do best... errr.I also recorded the sound of them doinga bit of good old-fashioned preying.Erm.

12:01:40. A view out over the courtyard.

12:07:07. Inside one of the halls.

12:16:53. Apparently, the day after this wasthe Buddha's birthday, so here's a littleBuddha birthday thing.

12:30:51. Exploring the rest of kyoto... Chieon a bridge.

12:33:42. Chie under the ubiqutous cherry blossom.

12:34:03. Me and the cherry blossom.

12:57:09. There were lots of interesting birdsflying around quite boldly down by theriver. Here's a heron, for example.

13:05:30. The little narrow street famous for havinglots of restaurants.

13:05:47. That street again...

13:41:35. Chie in the place we went to buy Japanesesweets.

13:42:09. ...I think we'd already eaten the sweetsby this point!

13:45:07. The outside of the sweets shop.

13:51:36. Look! It's Hawkins trainers!

14:01:51. A kind of shrine thing, there were lotsof these about...

17:37:05. After leaving Kyoto, we went toKusatsu to meet Chie's sister Kana.Here they bothare outside Kana's flat.

17:37:37. Here's me getting excited about someinsignifican building or something...

17:38:40. Chie and Kana already tired of the camera attention...

18:04:53. Muji!

18:09:29. The supermarker near Kana's flat...

18:19:44. Kana again.

18:25:55. Interesting Japanese breakfast cereals.Ok well I found them interesting anyway...!

18:29:32. Look - a TFT screen just to promotesliced bread!