Videos ofJapan
John feeding deer (1.19m)
Although the cracker things (specially made for deer we were told) didn't seem to be enough, and a couple seemed to prefer the taste of denim.
Deer walking about (708k)
Just deer really.
Giant Buddha (1.93m)
The Giant Buddha, plus the smaller statue by the side, in Nara.
Inflatable Deer (871k)
Chie really wanted one of these!
Ryoanji Zen Garden (1.01m)
The leaflet said "it will be left to each visitor to decide the garden's meaning and significance".
Ringing bell (571k)
Not sure what this is all about.
Kana playing hammer game (806k)
Fantastic, Chie's sister banging a video screen in a games centre in Tokyo.
Osaka big wheel (1.53m)
The big red wheel coming out of the top of a department centre in Osaka.
John on monkey bars (1.15m)
John fooling around on monkey bars in Hiroshima.
Chie on slide (456k)
Chie on one of those rope slide things in Hiroshima.