Travelling to France avec le Eurostar and meeting the girls in Orleans.

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Rob sound asleep in his old room at his Parent's house, where we stayed the night before leaving. Here we are now at Gare du Nord in Paris after an enthralling conversation on Eurostar with two Americans. Yes they did genuinely ask us if we knew any members of the royal family.
Got the timer working for this one. So its on French time now. This is in Orleans, in the hotel (L'Abeille) me and Rob got to stay in the first night. Me and Rob both very pleased to see the girls again!
Outside the hotel, on the way to get something to eat. I think this is after dinner - we went to a pizza place if I recall correctly. Orleans suffers from some fairly insurmountable pedestrian traffic problems.
We split off from the others for a bit, me and Chie wanted to see the Loire. Hmmm it looked nice enough but we were a bit put off by the huge clouds of mosquitoes (or were they just gnats....?) Here is Chie being touristy :)
...and here's me being touristy!