Meet the girls at Orleans university then off to La Rochelle.

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Another picture of Rob asleep. The Hotel L'Abeille is hardly seated in the lap of luxury but it was nice enough, clean (more or less), and fairly cheap. This struck me as a bit unsafe, imagine fumbling around for the light switch in the dark. Could turn nasty!
For the bathroom to get any smaller, several of the more fundmental laws of physics might have to be broken. View from out room's window.
...and facing the other way... Aha! Right so Me and Rob made our way to Orleans university to meet up with the girls. They really like their concrete in France don't they?
I love this picture. We're standing on one of the bridges over the suspicious artificial (i.e. concrete lined) lake. After a spot of Lunch we got on a bus. Myself and Chie headed off to her host family's house, whilst Rob and Kanako went back into town.
On the way to the house we saw a lizard scurrying along. Chie reminded me there's loads of them in France and it's nothing special, but I was impressed nonetheless. Chie in her host family's house, in her room. I wanted to get a picture of her on the phone so I could imagine where she was when she phoned me... Hmmm that probably makes me a bit sad doesn't it? Leave me alone, I'm happy!
Right so after much deliberation we (well mainly me and Chie) decided we wanted to go to the sea for the weekend, and La Rochelle seemed like the best bet. So here we are on a train on our way. Chie and Winky.
We had to change at St. Pierre Des Corps (just outside of Tours). There was a bit of a wait so we thought we'd have a bit of a wander about. This here is just outside the station. Can't decide if I like the architecture there or not. Right back on a train again, a TGV in fact. We seemed to only get two seats booked so me and Rob braved the luggage racks. That's Kanako's short he's drooling over there.
The unadultarated luxury of travel on the continent. So this is La Rochelle now! Instantly recognisable to anyone who knows the place by those two towers that guard the entrance to the old harbour. Nice kind of sunset thing happening in the background too.
Chiesan a La Rochelle! Us having dinner at Il Vesuvio - so we were eating Italian again. Hmmm but it still had a very French slant to it. This was actually a really good meal, I enjoyed it a lot.
A post dinner walk, here's Rob and Kanako on a little rampart attached to one of those two towers. La Rochelle by night.
A bit standard I know, but I like it nonetheless :)