The day we should have gone back! But we liked La Rochelle so much we stayed an extra night.

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The four of us decided to take a walk to the other beach, and on the way we passed the sign for the Musee des Automates, which I remember my Mum having talked about. Hmmmmm. I was trying to do an impression of an automaton. I think that's Chie's finger in the foreground... Still, at least having a digital camera means no-ones going to put those irritating little stickers over your photos when you take ones like this.
Chiesan on the seafront. Me presenting, errrr, some mud and stuff.
DANGUI BOROBO! These things were so cool, but I don't think they'd let us have a go. That's ageism if ever I've heard it! Chie seemed particularly upset. I'm still not quite sure whether or not Chie got this joke.... hehehehe Oh I am such a child!
Rob and Kanako on the "other" beach. Me and Chie also on the other beach.
Right so just next to the beach was an aquarium which we thought might be interesting and a bit different. It was just a bit too overcrowded! This is Chie tapping on the glass and going fishysishyfishy, because fish really love that, honest. I realised you weren't supposed to use flashes on your camera... Trouble is my camera over compensates in low light without the flash, leaves the shutter open for ageas and always ends up blurring. Ho, hum.
Gamesan! One big fish.
If fish could growl, this one almost certainly would be doing now. Regardez le mini poisson!
Nice picture, I really like the lighting on it. May have taken this one by accident.
More little gamesans swimming away merrily. On the way back from the aquarium, nice view behind us of La Rochelle.
Awwww... I wanted to get Chie's head right inbetween the towers. I was having an odd moment there!
My Mum also told me about this little boat she'd taken across the harbour, so when we happened to walk past it I couldn't resist having a go! Chie on le petit bateau.