Wandering around La Rochelle.

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Me and Rob decided we wanted to do some ironing. So this is in our hotel's (L'Hotel Des Arrivees et Voyageurs) breakfast room. This was a really nice place to stay - I'd heartily recommend it for anyone planning a visit to La Rochelle. Me ironing my beloved blue shirt.
Hmm... I think Rob was trying to get some more of the room in here or something. ...and again here.
So I think this is after lunch, and we all look a bit miserable for some reason! Can't remember why - lunch was actually very nice if I recall. Later on that day, me and Chie decided we wanted to go to the beach.
I really love this picture! Mostly of course it is the subject, partly the scenery, and partly my excellent photographic skills :) I think this was taken into the sun a bit, making it look much darker than it really was.
Another standard me and Chie picture, I seemed to have missed a bit here. That's a bit better. Isn't she gorgeous? I look a bit daft here mind!
The hour or two we spent on the beach could well have been my absolute favourite bit of the holiday - I haven't felt this relaxed and happy in months! Can't help but smile when I see these pictures.
It's a good job Chie's not camera shy! On the way back from the beach, a little fortified bit.
Kawaii mimi (and Kubi) Chiesan! Strange thing hanging on the wall with lots of weird faces on it.