Last day in La Rochelle, and a drawn out train journey back to Orleans.

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Chie packing up her things in our hotel room... I didn't want to leave! Awwww.... :)
Chiesan sitting in our complicated window. I don't think I'm that taken by shutters, much more of a curtains person myself. Was trying to get the lighting a bit better.... Hmmm it just wasn't going to happen!
After we checked out of the hotel, we had a few hours to kill before the train went. First order of the day was coffee and croissants for the four of us. Chie wanted to buy a present for her host family. On the way we saw these, errrr, what do you call them, street entertainers?! The ones who pretend to be statues. Only they were loads better than the ones young et in Leicester Square! That young boy there had just kicked them. hehehe
After wandering around the town we went back to the little beach again and then started to make our way to the station... On the way to the station we walked back past our hotel again.
On the train now! The connections didn't work it too well so it was going to take nearly 5 hours to get back to Orleans! Three legs of about an hour each, with two stops inbetween of also around an hour. So here is Chie looking pretty bored! I like this picture, the weird tunnel effect, and the fact that everyone is looking at something different.
Chie had bought a lovely bottle of Pineau (French Port) for her host family, but somehow or other around St. Pierre Des Corps (again) the bottle got broken. All that liquid there is actually pretty good quality booze... What a nightmare! Awwww how sweet does she look here? Chie was feeling a little poorly and a bit fed up at this point so decided to go to sleep instead.
Rob took this, hmmm, maybe a bit too closeup, thanks! Now thats definitely too closeup!
Winky taking it all in his stride. Hmmm I think everyone was talking gibberish so I decided to move! I'm discussing the invention of the combustion engine with Winky here.
Could Winky be the next Flat Eric? Winky tries to cheer Chie up with a bit of acrobatics.
Strange how the lighting is totally different on this one.