Tokyo October 2006

Tokyo October 2006

Pictures in Tokyo in October 2006.

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Sunday 1st October 2006
A lovely day out in the rain, to have a walk around the island, and visit the spa on Enoshima.

Wednesday 4th October 2006
Kimchi nabe for dinner!

Day Out in Tokyo
Saturday 7th October 2006
A varied day out in Tokyo, starting off with lunch at Al Dente in Shinjuku, then a quick visit to the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building to enjoy the views out over Tokyo From there on to Yotsuya, and after a bit of a walk, we spent a while in the gardens at the New Otani hotel, before finally returning home for an Okonomiyaki dinner.

Haruka-kun and Kayo-chan
Sunday 8th October 2006
A night out with two of our friends who live close to our apartment in Tokyo - Haraku-kun and Kayo-chan.

Mt. Fuji
Monday 9th October 2006
It was a national holiday in Japan so we went for a day out to go and look at Mt. Fuji - the first time I've ever really properly seen it.

Pre Wedding Party
Saturday 14th October 2006
Some friends of Chie's organised a night out to celebrate our upcoming wedding, which was jolly nice of them!

Wednesday 18th October 2006
Chie demonstrating my obsession with my new iPod.

Saturday 21st October 2006
A bunch of flowers Chie was given from the people she works with.

Wednesday 25th October 2006
Vegetarian burgers for dinner!

Saturday 28th October 2006
Saturday afternoon out shopping in Shinjuku.

Kinshicho and Shibamata
Sunday 29th October 2006
A Sunday afternoon out, starting off with lunch at It's Vegetable in Kinschicho and then on for a bit of a wander around Shibamata.