Tokyo October 2006

Mt. Fuji - Tokyo October 2006

Mt. Fuji

Monday 9th October 2006

It was a national holiday in Japan so we went for a day out to go and look at Mt. Fuji - the first time I've ever really properly seen it.

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08:43:50 We set off early - before 9 - and this picture is taken right at the start of our journey. I was oddly quite amazed by how you could see our apartment building from the expressway here.

09:49:46 Our first glimpse of Fuji from the car - and I quite like the way this "80m" sign is in shot here (actually it's more like 3667m!).

09:53:23 More Fuji shots from the car...

09:57:05 ...and I couldn't stop taking pictures apparently.

10:08:50 Another from-the-car picture of the mountain.

10:21:38 Finally we parked up to get some pictures out of the car. Here's a shot taken from the shore of one of the five lakes in the vicinity of Fuji.

10:21:46 Zoomed in on the peak a bit.

10:21:59 Same as before but in portrait.

10:26:35 Tanaka-kun, Yuka-chan and Chie in front of Fuji.

10:27:22 Another one with some of the shoreline in the foreground.

10:30:18 I wanted to get the two guys in the boat in the shot here.

11:02:08 Next stop we went to visit the Fugaku lava cave - whilst hanging around waiting for everyone to visit the facilities I spied this very dormant grasshopper.

11:07:39 On the way to the caves now. We had to walk through a little bit of the jukai to get there - these are the forests that surround Fuji, where people often get lost (compasses don't work, apparently).

11:07:58 Interesting trees here, all growing on volcanic rock.

11:10:20 Me in the woods.

11:10:29 ...and again.

11:12:12 Descending into the caves..

11:13:19 Me entering the caves - interesting here as at the top of picture you can see the forest floor (if that makes sense).

11:13:44 Steps down into the caves.

11:14:49 Despite it being quite warm outside, inside the cave there was ice!

11:15:09 Lots of ice. Apparently in times past this ice was taken to Tokyo to sell.

11:17:25 Chie et al reading a sign.

11:19:10 Strangely there was a little shed like bit inside the cave - those shelves inside had all sorts of preserved goods. This whole cave was basically like a big fridge.

11:20:30 At the end of the cave...

11:21:58 On the way back out again now.

11:30:50 Me and Yuka-chan by the sign for the Fugaku lava cave.

11:32:28 A map of the area around Mt. Fuji, with the all important "you are here" marker in the bottom right hand corner.

11:50:21 A short walk away, and there were more caves to visit.

11:50:40 Again they cut away into the forest floor, which I found kind of interesting.

11:51:02 Again there was a strange little hut inside.

11:52:37 This little girl in front had gone for a second tour of the caves all by herself! Very brave.

11:53:13 The accessibility of these caves was a little on the tall side, especially where 6ft foreigners are concerned.

11:55:11 A little shrine, surrounded by 1 Yen coins.

11:55:34 ...again this cave had a lot of ice in it.

11:55:42 ...yep ice.

11:55:57 Strangely it wasn't actually too cold though.

11:56:09 Some icicles etc.

11:56:21 Interesting!

11:56:46 Chie demonstrating that it was a tad chilly.

11:59:09 Outside the cave now, taking a bit of a rest.

12:00:51 Another map.

12:16:29 This is a "parasitic tree"...

12:16:33 ...there are several different types of tree growing on the same tree...

12:16:54 this sign explains, it is apparently quite rare...

12:33:18 Yet another cave, but this one was very small so we didn't bother going in.

12:35:15 Another view of Fuji taken from a service area we stopped off at.

12:35:26 Zoomed in a bit.

13:03:11 I thought it was great how there were so many familiar Japanese chains with views of Fuji around here... so here's a sign for Lawson (a convenience store) with Fuji in the background.

13:27:58 After picking up bentos, we went and found this very pleasant lakeside area for a picnic.

13:36:36 Me with my snacks of choice...

13:36:45 Chie took this picture of the sun shining through the tree we were being shaded by.

13:45:38 Quite a pleasant little lake to take a rest by.

13:46:48 Chie being a bit odd with her glasses...

13:47:06 ...and again.

13:55:34 We went for a short stroll around the lake to walk off our lunches a bit.

13:55:52 Chie investigating the water's edge.

14:07:56 ...and yet again you can see Fuji here!

14:47:03 Heading back to Tokyo now, but couldn't resist a couple more Fuji pictures taken through the window of the car.

14:51:48 Last one here. Goodbye Mt. Fuji!