Tokyo October 2006

Pre Wedding Party - Tokyo October 2006

Pre Wedding Party

Saturday 14th October 2006

Some friends of Chie's organised a night out to celebrate our upcoming wedding, which was jolly nice of them!

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16:49:23 Killing time in Akihabara before meeting Chie's friends, we went for a coffee and a bit of cake in this very nice little cafe.

16:49:35 This boozy Baumkuchen was particularly good.

16:49:57 Chie appeared to like the cutlery here.

19:14:14 In the first venue of the evening now - an Okinawan izakaya. Here's Chie wearing the new glasses she bought today for a staggeringly cheap 25 quid.

19:43:35 A bit of a view down our table - I think this was just getting the camera warmed up or something.

19:49:03 A more comprehensive view down our big long table - there were about 12 of us.

19:49:16 ...same thing again.

20:54:15 Outside the first place, a rather crappy group shot taken using the self timer.

20:55:18 Another self timer attempt which was also something of a failure.

20:55:48 least I got into the picture in time on this attempt, but the results are still not amazing... Oh well!

22:18:18 In the next bar now - four girls in a row (Chiharuchan, Aikosan, Chiechan and Tomochan).

22:58:07 A nice group picture in the second place.

23:53:15 Seeming group pictures became the order of the day, so here's another one outside the station as most people started to head home...

23:53:48 ....and another.

00:05:46 In the station now...

00:08:31 It's inevitably when you get a picture of three people sitting in a row you'll end up with a three wise monkeys shot.

00:09:00 Another variation on the three monkeys - I was rather proud of the new "smell no evil" concept at the time.

00:13:23 Yet more pictures on the platform...

01:22:41 For some of us at least, the night was not yet over - a select group of party goers followed us back to Sasazuka (the part of Tokyo where me and Chie live) and we went to another izakaya there...

01:33:51 ...despite having eaten earlier we ordered quite a lot of food here - including this fascinating concept "tomato tempura".

01:34:03 So intrigued was I with it that I thought it deserved a second picture without the flash. ...and on that note, here endeth the lesson.