Tokyo October 2006

Kinshicho and Shibamata - Tokyo October 2006

Kinshicho and Shibamata

Sunday 29th October 2006

A Sunday afternoon out, starting off with lunch at It's Vegetable in Kinschicho and then on for a bit of a wander around Shibamata.

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13:45:09 Chie getting ready to dig in...

13:45:21 ...we were both starving so these pictures were taken somewhat hurriedly.

15:25:17 Later on in Shibamata, an interesting little district of Tokyo with an old feel to it.

15:25:44 Chrysanthemums - the national flower of Japan.

15:26:17 Here's me in front of the gate to the temple in Shibamata. A bit overexposed.

15:26:23 This one came out better - slightly weird lighting though.

15:27:59 There's the temple itself, with a rather nice tree in front.

15:30:01 Chie taking a peek into the gardens.

15:31:13 I think I just liked the corner of this building.

15:56:17 We took a walk along by the river, and there were these strange little structures dotted along. I thought they'd make an interesting subject for a picture...

15:58:25 ...the roof is different on this one.

16:25:59 A bit of a sunset, seen through all the clutter of an electric rail system.