Tokyo October 2006

Haruka-kun and Kayo-chan - Tokyo October 2006

Haruka-kun and Kayo-chan

Sunday 8th October 2006

A night out with two of our friends who live close to our apartment in Tokyo - Haraku-kun and Kayo-chan.

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20:26:05 Here we are starting off the evening in the illustrious venue of Grazie Gardens. Haruka-kun, who seemingly barely eats, was surprised by the amount of food Chie and I ordered (it is just so cheap) - we couldn't really fit it all on the table.

21:36:36 Outside Grazie Gardens, where bizarrely they've set up a little bench and a lamp post. I felt a picture here was necessary.

21:37:33 This one is a self timer shot, if that wasn't obvious.

21:54:06 In the next place now - an izakaya which I didn't catch the name of. Here is Kayo-chan ordering Haruka-kun to squeeze her grapefuit. I'm sure a psychiatrist would have something to say about this scenario.

21:57:54 We went for the "daijoki" - the big beer glasses.

21:58:58 I have a silly face here, according to Chie. Frighteningly it occurred to me I might always look like this when about to take a sip of beer.

22:18:39 Haruka-kun stared into his beer, and said "It's great - I can see nothing but beer - it's like a world of beer." So this is an attempt to recreate this photographically.

22:43:25 Chie didn't want to have her picture taken at this juncture it seems.

23:49:00 Chie wearing Kayo-chan's glasses.

23:57:19 The girls ordered desserts, a bit randomly. This is the one I persuaded Chie to have, on the basis that whenever we both order sweets, Chie always prefers mine over hers.

23:59:47 Can't remember if this strategy was a particular success or not on this occasion.

00:29:42 Old habits die hard...

00:54:42 A picture of me beneath the sign for this izakaya, taken as we were leaving.

00:54:46 ...and again as it was a bit dark.

00:54:49 Just me this time.

01:16:01 Final picture now, taken at the crossroads which divides the two wards in which Haruka-kun and we live.