Dordogne January 2007

Dordogne January 2007

Pictures taken on a visit to see Mum and Keith whilst they were staying in the Dordogne in January 2007.

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Travelling Down
Monday 1st January 2007
Some boring pictures needlessly documenting my trip down from London to the Dordogne.

Bretenoux and Vayrac
Tuesday 2nd January 2007
A morning sally out to Bretenoux and the supermarch, followed by lunch back at the gite, and then an afternoon stroll around Vayrac.

Carennac, St Cere and Chateau Castelnau
Wednesday 3rd January 2007
A day out visiting assorted scenic spots in the local area - Carennac, St Cere and Chateau Castelnau.

Vayrac Market and Puy d'Issolud
Thursday 4th January 2007
A quick wander around Vayrac market in the morning, followed by an afternoon stroll on a nearby hill called Puy d'Issolud. Apparently an archeological site, but not really anything evident to the casual observer.

Saturday 6th January 2007
A wander around the town of Beaulieu.

Turenne and Travelling Back
Sunday 7th January 2007
A wander around the hilltop village of Turenne before heading on to Brive-la-Gaillarde for me to get the train back to the UK.