Dordogne January 2007

Bretenoux and Vayrac - Dordogne January 2007

Bretenoux and Vayrac

Tuesday 2nd January 2007

A morning sally out to Bretenoux and the supermarch, followed by lunch back at the gite, and then an afternoon stroll around Vayrac.

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10:53:01 The main square in Bretenoux - apparently designed like this so it could be fortified.

10:53:16 Turrets seem to be all the rage in the Dordogne, and this one has become a popular spot for pigeons.

10:53:36 A few more houses in the square.

11:51:51 The big E. Leclerc supermarch.

12:36:55 I attempted to get this self timer picture of us eating lunch, but it didn't really come out all that well...

12:37:40 instead I got a posed one of Mum and Keith at the table.

12:43:15 A very nice salad Mum put together for lunch.

12:43:21 ...and of course some French bread to go with it.

14:20:09 This is the church in Vayrac.

14:20:14 Same again but in portrait.

14:21:25 Inside the church.

14:22:09 The nativity scene inside the church.

14:22:23 One of the stained glass windows - couldn't really get the lighting right here.

14:24:47 Some of the rooftops of Vayrac.

14:24:56 The church again from another side - not sure what the significance of "BOB" is here.

14:26:31 One of those scenes that looks very interesting at the time you take it, and then later on you wonder why you did!

14:34:12 Lots of villages around here are built up on hillsides, so this sort of effect is quite common.

14:55:25 The back of the house Mum and Keith were staying in...

15:00:27 ...and the front of the house.

18:53:49 Mum and Keith at dinner.

18:54:17 I knocked up a quick ratatouille for dinner which was quite pleasant, and ate that with Pommes de Terre Dauphinois.

19:15:21 Dessert - and an obvious consequence of having two different types of wafer available.