Dordogne January 2007

Vayrac Market and Puy d'Issolud - Dordogne January 2007

Vayrac Market and Puy d'Issolud

Thursday 4th January 2007

A quick wander around Vayrac market in the morning, followed by an afternoon stroll on a nearby hill called Puy d'Issolud. Apparently an archeological site, but not really anything evident to the casual observer.

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10:58:28 A few stalls of Vayrac Market...

10:58:45 Mum in front of her favourite vegetable stall.

11:00:13 Vayrac church and the market.

12:31:11 Lunch!

16:13:27 From here on pictures taken on Puy D'Issolud...

16:14:46 It was very misty!


16:19:20 Not much scenery was visible so instead I had to focus on objects closer to hand...




16:29:55 Almost a bit of a sunset there...