Dordogne January 2007

Carennac, St Cere and Chateau Castelnau - Dordogne January 2007

Carennac, St Cere and Chateau Castelnau

Wednesday 3rd January 2007

A day out visiting assorted scenic spots in the local area - Carennac, St Cere and Chateau Castelnau.

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11:14:18 We started off with a walk around Carennac.

11:14:56 The little alleyway through which we made our way into the centre of the village.

11:15:35 ....a bit of a shame about the crane being in several of these shots.

11:16:11 I rather liked this shot of the Cafe de L'Ile Calypso.

11:16:59 So that's your actual river Dordogne.

11:17:09 One corner of the main cluster of buildings at the centre of the village.

11:17:29 ....yes lots of turrets around here.

11:18:37 I think I'm going to have a hard time writing comments for all of these pictures!

11:18:47 As you can see I'd got pretty snap happy!

11:18:53 I think the sign there suggests this main cluster of buildings is an old priory.

11:19:22 In the sort of courtyard inside the priory (?) - definitely something ecclesiastical looking here.

11:19:43 A bit difficult lighting here.

11:20:27 More turrets abound.

11:23:00 Another picturesque part of the village here.

11:23:48 I liked the tower on the right hand side - seemingly quite pointless (if you'll pardon the pun). Marvellous.

11:25:12 A few gloriously musty old buildings facing out onto the Dordogne.

11:25:33 Facing back over the bridge to the main centre.

11:26:21 Another little windy street.

11:26:28 Yet more charming old buildings.

11:27:16 This river is presumably a tributary of the Dordogne. I really liked the way the houses were built over it here.

11:27:20 The little river again.

11:31:59 The world's slimmest building?

11:35:47 Caranyac from a distance. Again, shame about the crane!

12:14:17 In St Cere now, and I was quite astounded to see a sign pointing to a restaurant which apparently did Vegtarien food. As it turned out though, the place seemed to have disappeared.

12:17:31 Mum and Keith walking down one of the streets of St Cere.

12:43:07 The place we finally settled on for lunch...

13:11:09 ....great for me as amongst other things there were some pizzes vegtariennes sur le menu.

13:39:52 The outside of the place where we had lunch.

13:58:27 The final stop on our day's outing was the rather impressive Chateau Castelnau.

14:02:02 it is a bit closer up.

14:05:07 It was surrounded with lots of other very nice dwellings.

14:05:20 Mum in front of the castle wall.

14:06:10 Nice views out over the hills from the top of the mount.

14:06:23 ...and in the other direction.

14:06:27 One of the castle walls and one of the many quaint little houses nearby.

14:06:38 I like the way the inner keep is peeking over the outer walls here. Really nice blue skies too!

14:07:31 An archway.

14:08:48 Of course, for any castle to maintain credibility, at least part of it has to be falling down!

14:10:01 The church by the castle.

14:11:11 More pointy roofs.

14:12:12 Mum and a dog.

14:12:47 The dog again - very friendly chap he was too.