Dordogne January 2007

Travelling Down - Dordogne January 2007

Travelling Down

Monday 1st January 2007

Some boring pictures needlessly documenting my trip down from London to the Dordogne.

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11:48:40 At Waterloo International, just prior to boarding the Eurostar.

11:54:32 On the train now, and I realised I actually had quite a good view out over London.

11:54:45 So there's the London Eye...

12:03:58 ....and the Houses of Parliament.

12:15:24 ...and a bit later on good old Battersea Power Station.

16:01:46 Whilst hurrying through Paris Gare Du Nord I thought I ought to get a picture to document the fact I'd been there... so I randomly settled on the Departures board.

16:34:59 So as ought to be evident, by this point I'd arrived at Gare D'Austerlitz.

16:38:15 I hadn't realise Gare D'Austerlitz is by the river, although perhaps not the most evocative bit in Paris.

17:09:31 Taken as I was getting on the train at Gare D'Austerlitz.

20:32:07 I randomly took this picture as the train passed through Limoges - the only stop other than Brive-la-Gaillarde.