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William George Marr Male

Born: 31-Dec-1859

Occupation: Soldier and golf caddie

Comments: Born in Dirleton, East Lothian.

At the time of his daughter's birth (1890) William's occupation is entered as "Gunner Coast Brigade", and the family's address is recorded as "29, Gordon Road, Aldershot".

Aged 31 at the time of the 1891 census, at which point he was staying with his wife and three children at his wife's father's house in Exeter. Here his occupation appears to have been entered as "Cook and confectioner", and his birthplace is recorded as Scotland.

Aged 41 at the time of the 1901 census, at which point he was living with his parents and brother in North Berwick. His occupation was recorded as golf caddie (!) presumably working at North Berwick golf course. At this time his marital status was recorded as married, and his son Albert was with him.

William's Family

Spouse: Elizabeth Mules (Married)
Children: Beatrice Marr, Albert Victor Marr, Edith Bertha Marr

There has been some confusion surrounding this family. Vera knew her great grandfather was the famous harbourmaster James "Daddy" Marr, but wasn't actually sure about the name of her grandfather.  After some research, it has turned out Vera's grandfather was in fact James' eldest son, William.

Vera thought that the couple had some connection with Aldershot, perhaps that her grandfather was in the army. This seems to fit, given that their youngest child Edith was born there. Moreover, on Edith's birth certificate (1890) her father William's occupation is recorded as "Gunner Coast Brigade". At this time the family were living at "29, Gordon Road, Aldershot".

At the time of the 1891 census, less than a year after Edith was born, the family were staying with Elizabeth's father in Exeter.

William's Heritage

Parents: James Marr, Elizabeth Morrison
Siblings: Harriet Marr, Mary Marr, Elizabeth Marr, James Marr