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Edith Bertha Marr Female

Born: 13-Aug-1890

Comments: There is an entry in the GRO indices for Jul/Aug/Sep 1890 for an Edith Bertha Marr born in Farnham (volume 2a page 122). Vera seems to think Edith parent's had some association with the army barracks in Aldershot at some time, so this could be the correct entry.

I have a copy of the birth certificate now, which seems to confirm this is the correct entry. Vera remembered her mother's birthday, which matches that on the certificate. Her father's name is entered as "William George Marr" and her mother's name "Mary Elizabeth Marr, formerly Mules". She was born at the family's home at the time, 29, Gordon Road, Aldershot.

At the time of the 1891 census, Edith is with her parents, brother and sister, staying at her grandfather's house in Exeter. Her age is recorded as being (something like) 9 months old, and her place of birth is entered as Hants, Aldershot.

As for the 1901 census, there is an entry in a household in Exeter which seems very likely to be Edith's mother, and Edith is not there. In fact, it appears Edith was again staying with her grandfather. Her surname appears to have been entered initially as Mules, but then perhaps crossed out and entered as Marr, however, it has by this point become fairly illegibile, and as such appears in census indices as Mules rather than Marr. Her age is entered as 10, and her place of birth Hants Aldershot.

Edith's Family

Spouse: William Edward Jewell (Married)
Children: Vera May Jewell, Valerie Beatrice "Stella" Jewell

Edith's Heritage

Parents: William George Marr, Elizabeth Mules
Siblings: Beatrice Marr, Albert Victor Marr

Edith's Picture Album

WilliamAndEdithJewell A picture of Edith with her husband William.
EdithAndStella Edith with her daughter Stella.
EdithWithFriends Edith (in the middle) with two of her friends. Possibly taken in North Berwick.