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Albert Victor Marr Male

Born: 1887

Comments: Aged 3 at the time of the 1891 census, at which time he is staying with his parents and grandfather (on his mother's side). His place of birth is recorded as being Exeter.

Aged 13 at the time of the 1901 census, at which point he is living with his father and his other grandfather in North Berwick.

This seems likely to tie in with an Albert Victor Marr recorded in the GRO indices for Jul/Aug/Sep 1887 as having been born in Exeter.

Later on in life it seems Albert settled in North Berwick, as Vera remembers him living in a house near the seafront (see picture).

Albert's Heritage

Parents: William George Marr, Elizabeth Mules
Siblings: Beatrice Marr, Edith Bertha Marr

Albert's Picture Album

BertMarr Vera wasn't at first sure who this picture was. I suggested Bert because we knew his father had been a golf caddie. After hearing this Vera seemed pretty convinced this was actually Bert.
BertsHouse According to Vera, this is the house in North Berwick where her uncle Albert ("Bert") lived.