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It's Friday and It's Vegetable

Posted on 2006/06/10 02:10:31 (June 2006).

[Friday 9th June]
Had dinner at It's Vegetable, the Taiwanese vegetarian place I've been to a couple of times before (see here and here).

I've only previously been at lunchtime, but am pleased to report dinner is also very good. We ordered a kind of set menu, where they just make six dishes of whatever they feel like cooking. All six dishes were excellent.

First off a salad with pieces of this rather nice slightly chewy soya stuff and an entirely vegan (i.e. no egg) mayonnaise which was surprisingly rather tasty. We then had a sweet and sour dish which I think had pumpkin in, amongst other things. Then a kind of gingery dish, where everything was cut into very thin strips. After that a simple dish containing some stir fried green leafy chinese vegetable (which I'd never heard of before). Finally some "fake fish" - yuba (the skin from tofu) flavoured with seaweed. It was surprisingly fishy - even Chie thought so, but the nice guy who runs the place did come and reassure us that it was entirely vegetarian (he's a strict vegetarian himself, so I'm inclined to take his word for it). Dessert was a sort of citrusy jelly - but surprisingly the jelly wasn't seaweed based as I'd expect but made from some kind of bean, apparently.

Every time I go to this place it is a tremendous education, I never cease to be amazed by the new and innovative ways they find to make interesting, varied and above all hugely tasty vegetarian food. In a city which has such a dearth of this kind of thing, It's Vegetable is nothing short of a culinary oasis.

Comment 1

Do they roll dice with pictures of vegetables on it or something? Bit of an arse if the sprouts came up six times in a row!

Posted by Kev at 2006/06/10 24:48:19.

Comment 2

"Sprout soup
to start, sprout salad, finished off by a sprout crumble" Yum Yum

Posted by Kev at 2006/06/10 24:51:16.

Comment 3

I like sprouts!

Posted by John at 2006/06/12 02:00:29.

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