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Leon driving towards the festival.

John and Leon stop off for supplies in Waitrose. Leon, like an arse, buys cheap crap beer.

Mould. Who would live in a tent like this? That would be Leon then.

Mainly Leon really.

And this would be John. Errr, me that is.

And Again.

Wahey its Emily! Nice top. Leon may look tall here but is in fact standing on our firewood.

The sun begins to set...

Some of the group we were camped with. From left to right: Laura, Leon, Mags and Gav.

Our first fire... sigh... We thought we'd get it going before leaving the site to prevent anyone putting a tent there.


...more sky...

...sky plus leon...

...more sky...

...yet more sky...

...more sky plus car.

OK so the next few pictures are a bit dark I'm afraid because I accidentally put the camera on macro for some unknown reason. On our way off site we bumped into Nick...

...then Jonquil (sorry don't know how to spell that) and Sarah...

Um, don't know, its dark.

Leon looks scary.

Gav looks too dark.

Finally worked out the camera was taking everything too dark and sorted it out. Errrr, cheers then Gav.

I introduced Leon, Gav and the rest to the delights of cocktails in the Iguana. Here Leon and Gav can be seen enjoying a white rabbit....

Whilst I forcibly enjoy a long island ice tea.

Laura joins in, but can't quite seem to manage the stern drinking face... ah well...

Here we all are!

Unfortunately the iguana had to shut at 11... Sigh.... Still theres always the turtle...

And look who I bumped into! Lucy from Ray/Mog/Lucy fame. Errr, OK so that probably means nothing to most of you... Ah well.

Nice one.

Leon told this girl she had a nice arse. She didn't seem that impressed.

Leon looks crafty.

Does anyone remember the topic of discussion here??

The girl whose bag was made of bubbly. Nice.

...but it was all a bit too much for Laura... Ahhhhhh...

Not sure what Leon is up to here...

If memory serves... Mags said she'd pay Leon a fiver if she could sit on his seat.

Was she really asleep all along?? We may never know...

Rude bloke shows his appreciation.

Dunno who this is. Possibly one of rude bloke's friends.

Closing time at the Turtle... and I really don't want to know whats going on here.

Outside waiting for a taxi.

...but random couple nick the first one. Dammit.

Nice one lads.

Back on site again. Not really sure what this is meant to be a picture of.

OK so on the way back to our tents, we thought we'd stop off at the soup tent. Imagine the sheer distraught when we received runny tasteless vending machine style tomato soup...

Now look here the Salvation Army, we know you're a charity and everything, but thats simply no excuse to let your soup standards slip so badly. 2 years ago we feasted on your delightful broths regularly. This year we had a single sampling and were nearly in tears. Sort it out.

We make up for the upset of the soup tent with assorted snacks inclusing Leon's Doritos. Apparently shortly after this I fell asleep by the fire.