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Ermmmm, Leon puts some petrol in his car courtesy of Tesco's garage.

Leon and Gav consider the merits of electric toothbrushes.

Hmmmm... Ready Egg... You'll now notice a gap of about 13 hours before the next picture! For most of this we sat in my house, making omelettes and watching the grand prix. It was really hard work mustering the energy to come back, but by about 18:00 we were back on site.

Some girls from a nearby campsite with a nice candle on stick thing.

Oooh its very smokey!

Our campfire, the best for literally yards around.

Here it is again.

...and again.

Oooh but this time with a flash.

Probably taken during the I have never game...

Is the arena on fire??

Who needs a flash when you have a flaming stick?

Its a bit dark...

More I have never.

That girl with her candle thing again.

Very moody.


And more!

And more still!

Oh go on, guess.

Well things were starting to draw to a close now...

Leon and Gav lament the end of the festival.

Leon appears reasonably trollied. Nice.

Gav and Mags.

Me and Gav assume Gav's favourite expression.

Leon, me, and Leon's new found Dorset friends. (Leon wouldn't have a picture taken of him without them in).

Lovely (though a bit dark) group photo.

Leon plus Dorset mates.

The last picture before I wended my merry way home...