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Mags wisely hides away in her tent from the horrible beast that is morning.

Strange how no-one looks that lively... hmmm...

Yea thanks Leon.

On the way back from a quick trip into town we find Fish, Fish's sister, Dwaine (sorry don't know how to spell that) and Rob.

This, believe it or not, is the lineup for the comedy stage.

Erm, dunno.

Lucie makes my camera look poo by getting out her Wine Gums camera. Nice one.

Those are Lucie's fingers there.

Leon builds a fort. Ahhhhh.

Leon discovers the box the kidney (beer keg) comes in makes a rather fetching hat.

The sun begins to set over the festival...

...but point your camera the other way and it still looks like daylight... Heres Rob, Pete and Dwain (still dunno how to spell that).

Heres the chemical brothers then. Made use of my camera's microphone at this point but its not up to much. Anyway, heres a quick sample.

Good example of those people who constantly point forwards in time with the music. Well, yea, we all know where the stage is, but thanks for the tip anyway.

Nice hair!!!

And again... Heres another sample.

Errr, this is probably some of a different band. Can't remember.

This, believe it or not, is Uncle Peter of Vic and Bob fame.

A mouse found in someone's tent.

Back at the campsite and its very smokey indeed. I probably went to bed just after this.