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Alex and Lucy (my brother and sister) came along for the day.

However pretty much as soon as they turned up Leon, Gav, Laura and myself all went off site to get something to eat and have a shower at my house.

Here we wander around Tesco looking for tasty morsels. Er, yea.

Leon thinks he has a solution to the parking space problem at the festival.

Erm, any chance we can leave before security comes?

A lot later on, back on site again. Alex and Lucy and, if you can spot it, a welsh flag. Nice.

Me, Gav and Leon opt for mexican, and a bloody good choice it was too.

Yet again, the sun begins to set.

Under the kidney!!!! The first of many.

A close-up of that serious kidney action.

Leon is under the kidney. Oh yes.

At this point we came up with a ruling that anyone passing through our campsite must go under the kidney. This girl was the first victim and was a bit reluctant, so we let her off with just kissing it.... Ho, hum.

Joe under the kidney.

Mmmmmm the kidney...

Gav cermeniously presents the kidney to Laura.

Laura makes us all very proud.

Dum dum dum, another one goes under the kidney....

Oh yes indeedy.

If memory serves, at this point we had another kidney refusal. We were all very upset.

Our Gav just couldn't get enough of that kidney ale....

...mind you he did pay for it.

Potential kidneyers line up.

This girl loved the kidney, oooh sir.

If I recall, this bloke was way too pissed already to have any knowledge of what he was doing.

There was a break from kidney activities to allow us all to go and watch Blur, during which someone set fire to a bin. The fire brigade came along and everything, it was quite exciting.

During Blur...

Fireworks after Blur...

...and again.

Lucie and her uncle Marc. Can't remember what they were doing now.

And again.

Again again.

Again again again.

Lucie and Olly, a two person heckling machine.