Tokyo July 2006

Tokyo July 2006

Pictures in Tokyo in July 2006.

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Yuka's Birthday Dinner
Sunday 2nd July 2006
Actually the day before Yuka's birthday. I spent the afternoon being horrendously nerdy whilst Chie was out shopping, and then in the evening Yuka came over for a small birthday celebration.

Day out with Lorenzo
Saturday 8th July 2006
A fairly unplanned day out with Lorenzo around Tokyo.

Thursday 13th July 2006
A few mobile phone pictures from an impromptu beer or two after work, at a "beer garden" near my office.

Beer Garden
Friday 14th July 2006
An evening trip to another beer garden, this time in Shinjuku. Again though didn't take my proper camera so only a few lower quality mobile pictures I'm afraid!

Wednesday 19th July 2006
Amazingly Chie managed to get some totally last minute tickets (for free!) to see Coldplay in Tokyo. As we didn't even know we were going until about 2 hours beforehand, we didn't take a proper camera with us, so only have some really apalling mobile phone pictures, still, it's a souvenir of sorts!

Jazz Night
Thursday 20th July 2006
Yet more terrible quality mobile phone pictures, this time from a jazz jam session with my friend from work.