Tokyo July 2006

Day out with Lorenzo - Tokyo July 2006

Day out with Lorenzo

Saturday 8th July 2006

A fairly unplanned day out with Lorenzo around Tokyo.

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12:57:51 We started off the day with a spot of lunch at Al Dente - famous for being the only place Lorenzo will east pasta outside of Italy. Here's Lox and Chie starting off with some jolly nice Bruschetta.

13:15:39 Me and Lorenzo enjoying our spaghetti. You can almost see the chef (who knows Lorenzo well) in this picture - the red cap over Lorenzo's left shoulder.

13:39:08 We popped back to Lorenzo's hotel room quickly so he could change his socks.

13:41:39 The view from Lorenzo's room in the Century Hyatt. You can see the Park Hyatt here (the tall building on the left hand side) where me and Lox went the previous evening.

13:48:12 Oddly a picture of Chie leaving Lorenzo's room.

13:48:18 Lorenzo and Chie in the corridor - not much point really!

13:56:36 Lorenzo and Chie in front of the Century Hyatt sign.

14:41:46 So we decided to make a visit to the Edo museum - lots of exhibits to do with what Tokyo used to look like before it got really ugly.

14:42:12 It was a large hall with some full sized reconstructed buildings...

14:43:19 ...and also a lot of models.

14:46:15 I felt like godzilla peering down on all the model people.

14:47:22 Oh and there were some handy binoculars - the models were remarkably detailed.

15:07:30 A nice boat.

15:13:55 Some small model boats.

15:14:33 I rather liked this scene - lots of little people walking over a bridge.

15:18:15 Errr...

15:26:16 For some reason this scene is under a glass floor.

15:31:01 Some weaving/spinning machinery - I thought my Mum might like to see this.

15:42:00 Chie and Lorenzo sitting at some primary school tables.

16:00:31 After we left the museum, we were a bit thirsty, so decided to get some ramane - a kind of old fashioned Japanese lemonade.

16:00:56 It is quite nice.

16:06:53 Here we are in Ryougoku - a part of Tokyo famous for sumo wrestlers. There's a big mural on the wall of the sumo wrestling arena there, and I thought it was worth a picture.

16:07:09 Me and Lorenzo squaring each other up...

16:18:05 Next on our vague wander we stumbled across a pleasant little park (Kyuyasudate-en?).

16:18:30 Chie and Lorenzo in the park.

16:19:42 A nice little red bridge.

16:21:08 This made for a very nice little refuge from the sprawl of Tokyo.

16:23:04 Me and Lorenzo taking a good look.

16:23:19 Not sure what it going on here...

16:23:22 ....or here - what is that strange Italian up to?

16:48:45 Ahhhhh... One of the highlights of our vague wander - the Golden turd. Marvellous!

17:00:25 I thought it might be nice to pop in for a quick drink at the bar on the top floor of the Asahi headquarters.

17:01:39 The view from the bar.

17:30:05 Lorenzo was clearly very pleased to be able to see the Golden turd in real life.

17:37:34 Just over the river is Senso-ji, a famous temple in Asakusa.

17:46:38 Here's the actual inner temple building thing.

17:49:35 Funnily enough I bumped into a guy from work here - the guy in the red t-shirt.

19:30:08 As we were in the neigbourhood, we decided to go to It's Vegetable for dinner. I of course enjoyed it as ever, I hope it was OK for Lorenzo's more carniverous tastes as well!

19:52:23 Having not quite got round to it on Lorenzo's previous trips to Tokyo, this time we were really determined to fit in some karaoke - so here we are!

19:52:40 I rather like this one - interesting lighting.

20:06:47 Chie and Lorenzo standing up to dance for "UFO".

20:07:01 ...more dancing.

20:13:51 Possibly during Blur's Song 2?

20:31:37 Can't remember the song here, but obviously me and Lorenzo are really pouring our hearts into it!

20:31:51 More singing.

20:31:56 Last picture of the evening. As Lox had an early start the next morning to get the flight back to Italy, we decided it was best not to stay out too late.