Tokyo July 2006

Coldplay - Tokyo July 2006


Wednesday 19th July 2006

Amazingly Chie managed to get some totally last minute tickets (for free!) to see Coldplay in Tokyo. As we didn't even know we were going until about 2 hours beforehand, we didn't take a proper camera with us, so only have some really apalling mobile phone pictures, still, it's a souvenir of sorts!

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20:34:00 Taken on my phone. You can just about make out the band members here. Actually we had pretty good seats and were fairly near the front, but that isn't the impression this picture gives!

20:36:00 An attempt Chie made to get a picture of the stage.

20:37:00 Another picture Chie took of the stage, again just lights mainly!

20:37:30 We were sitting next to the sound stage, just a few metres away from Gwyneth Paltrow, which Chie was rather excited about. Can't make her out so easily in this picture - she's right in the middle of the shot, long blond hair (well duh) and a white top.

20:38:00 Towards the end of the show Chris decided to come and stand on a box on the sound stage, perhaps to have a chat with Gwyneth about what they were going to have for tea. So at this point he was in spitting distance.

20:38:30 Another picture - oh for a decent camera at this point!