Tokyo July 2006

Yuka's Birthday Dinner - Tokyo July 2006

Yuka's Birthday Dinner

Sunday 2nd July 2006

Actually the day before Yuka's birthday. I spent the afternoon being horrendously nerdy whilst Chie was out shopping, and then in the evening Yuka came over for a small birthday celebration.

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12:07:47 A picture of the table layout from my daytime festival of nerdiness...

12:08:18 The Mac Mini closeup.

19:01:00 Later on in the day, there was quite a nice sky visible from our balcony...

19:01:09 That building over on the left there has only recently sprung up.

19:01:17 I wanted to remove the hideous buildings from the shot altogether!

19:08:22 A few more reddish tinges coming out now...

19:08:33 Same again in portrait.

19:11:15 Yet more of the same.

19:11:27 Hmmm...

19:11:34 I can't decide if the silhouette of the telegraph pole is somehow aesthetically pleasing, or if I still find it just plain ugly.

19:13:35 Right - that's enough of that...

20:51:51 Here's Yuka with her miniature (but very tasty) birthday cake.

20:52:02 Same again with the flash - not quite the same effect from the candles of course.

20:52:08 Chie in shot as well - I think from the silly poses here they are having a nice time.