Seattle Autumn 2005

Seattle Autumn 2005

Pictures from a trip to Seattle in Autumn 2005.

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First Couple of Days
Sunday 30th - Monday 31st October 2005
A few random pictures from the first couple of days.

Sightseeing in Seattle
Saturday 5th November 2005
A day spent doing touristy stuff in Seattle, despite the terrible weather.

Boat Trip
Sunday 6th November 2005
A very pleasant boat trip around Seattle, with the added luxury of a few hours of decent weather!

Indian Meal
Friday 11th November 2005
A few pictures of an Indian meal which took an absolute age to arrive.

Out and About
Saturday 12th November 2005
A few pictures of a Saturday spent out and about, shopping and having lunch.

Seattle Mexican
Sunday 13th November 2005
A couple of random pictures from when I went out to dinner one evening by myself.