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George Milner Male

Born: 18-Mar-1871

Occupation: Grocer

Comments: There is an entry in the GRO indices for Apr/May/Jun 1871 for the birth of a George Milliner (Sheppey, volume 2a, page 753). I have a copy of the birth certificate now. George was born on 18th March 1871 at the family's home - 8 Bell Alley, Mile Town, Sheerness.

An unnamed male infant, 1 month old, is entered in the 1871 census in his parent's household. This is almost certainly George. This would indicate George was probably born in March of that year (the birth certificate confirms this).

Aged 10 at the time of the 1881 census (where is name is spelt Milner), at which time he was living with his mother, brother, and two sisters.

A 20 year old George Milner, born in Sheerness, Kent, appears in the 1891 census, but this time living in Chesham, Buckinghamshire. His occupation is recorded as Grocer's Assistant, and seemingly he is living with his employer at 77, Berkhamsted Road, Chesham. His marital status was entered as single. His occupation, age, and place of birth do seem consistent. His location is a little inconsistent with other information, but it is quite possible he may have moved around a bit, perhaps to find work. Furthermore, after some pretty extensive searching of the 1891 census, their don't seem to be any othe entries which are anywhere close.

By 1893, the year of his marriage to Emily, he had seemingly moved to Camberwell, Surrey.

At the time of the Dorothy's birth, March 1894, George's occupation was again recorded as Grocer's Assistant.

Aged 30 at the time of the 1901 census (where is name is spelt Milner). His place of birth is recorded as Kent Sheerness. His occupation is recorded as being Grocers Assistant.

Mentioned on the following webpage:


The text reads:


There may be an error here - it seems likely "SON/LAW=CHARLES HARE" should really say brother in law instead.

George was present at his daughter Dorothy's wedding, in 1916, so must have lived at least until the age of 55. His occupation as entered on Basil and Dorothy's marriage certificate is a little hard to read, but may be "grocers manager". It seems likely he moved to Portsmouth at some time after 1901.

George's Family

Spouse: Emily Leech (Married 1893)
Children: Dorothy Milner, George Milner, Marjorie Milner
Given the birthplaces of two of the children recorded in the 1901 census, it seems likely the family had lived in Southend-on-Sea (Essex) towards the end of the 1890s.

Before that they had spent some time in Clapham (London). At the time of Dorothy's birth, George and Emily were living at 60 Abbeville Road South, Clapham.

They may have also lived briefly in Camberwell, where they were married.

At the time of the 1901 census, the family lived at 30 Clyde Street, Sheerness, Kent.

There is an entry in the GRO indices for the marriage of a George Milner in Camberwell, Surrey in Jul/Aug/Sep 1893, with an Emily Leech appearing on the same page (volume 1d page 1363).

George's Heritage

Parents: Mark Samuel Milliner, Sarah Rickwood
Siblings: Elizabeth Sarah Milner, Jane Milner, Alfred Milner, Florence Ada Milner