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Jacob Elcock Male

Born: 1787
Died: 1833    

Occupation: Baker

Comments: Records kept by Tylee Mortimer and Attlee of Romsey, solicitors, seem to suggest that Jacob Elcock died in 1833.

I have a copy of the will now, which despite being very hard to read, does seem to suggest Jacob was a baker as well.

The will records that Jacob was a baker from Hursley, Hampshire. His wife Hannah and son John are both mentioned as benefactors in the will.

Jacob's Family

Spouse: Hannah Jacobs (Married)
Children: John Elcock
There is an entry in the IGI indices for the marriage of a Jacob Elcock and a Hannah Jacobs on the 14th December 1809 Hursley, Hampshire, England. Although this link is a bit conjectural it seems a highly likely match given the place and the time.

Jacob's Heritage

Parents: Joseph Elcock, Rachel Sims