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Easter Saturday in Devon

Posted on 2023/04/23 12:24:44 (April 2023).

[Saturday 8th April 2023]
Woke up to a frosty morning on the moor, packed up my tent, and then walked to Chagford via Scorhill stone circle and some other antiquities en route. As often seems to be the case on these expeditions the early morning walk at the end of it was one of the nicest bits. I was very impressed by Scorhill stone circle, and also the other megaliths I saw (the stone avenue and standing stone near Kestor Rock). In fact even the country lanes and paths off the "high moor" as I approached Chagford were very picturesque and made for a lovely walk.

I had a funny sort of breakfast in Chagford, I was rather hoping for more of a fry-up but ended up with beans on toast. Anyway, I had a bit of time to kill there, then a rather hair raising bus journey from there to Exeter down ridiculously narrow country lanes which can barely accommodate cars, let alone buses.

I made a diversion on the way home to pop in to see Dad for afternoon tea, which coincided with Lucy and Martin and the boys visiting from Scotland.

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