Easter Saturday in Devon
Saturday 8th April 2023
Woke up to a frosty morning on the moor, packed up my tent, and then walked to Chagford via Scorhill stone circle and some other antiquities en route. Took the bus from Chagford to Exeter, then made a diversion on the way home to pop in to see Dad for afternoon tea, which coincided with Lucy and Martin and the boys visiting from Scotland.
Dartmoor April 2023
John's Pictures

A frosty start to the morning! Didn't see much frost on the ground but my tent was covered in it.

Not much in terms of a sunrise this morning but at least a bit of pink-ish sky here.


My tent still looks cosy even though it's covered in frost.


Almost like a dusting of snow!

Making breakfast. I used the frying pan to heat up the water because it was cleaner than the billy can (I had made a cheese sauce in that yesterday). The porridge was a bit naff to be honest, but it was good to have something warm to keep me going.

Scorhill Stone Circle. This would have been a more impressive spot for a wild camp but alas it's outside the map of permitted areas for camping on Dartmoor.

Definitely a more photogenic stone circle than the one I camped in!

Despite the slightly grey weather this morning I was rather taken with Scorhill.


Once again the reason for all the selfies here is I was trying to get a thumbnail for the video I was making. I ended up using this one.

Later on, another set of antiquities - I followed the stone avenue from Batworthy Corner (near Kestor Rock), which led me to this, the "Long Stone".

Tried to get a photo of some of the lambs in a field I was passing through on my way to Chagford. Didn't really work.


At Dad's house now, having Saffron buns and Hot Cross Buns for an Easter themed afternoon tea with Lucy, Martin and the boys who were visiting at the same time.