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Dim Sum and Hyde Park

Posted on 2013/11/28 05:53:07 (November 2013).

[Saturday 23rd November 2013]
We'd arranged to meet a friend of Chie's for dim sum at lunchtime today. Rather than go to the usual haunts (Royal China or Joy King Lau) Chie wanted to give a new place a try, so we went to Pearl Liang near Paddington. It's in quite an interesting spot, just North of Paddington station, where to be honest I haven't ventured much before. We walked some of the way there, as it was a nice day, getting the bus as far as the Dorchester Hotel (it always seems a bit ridiculous to me that it has a bus stop) and then a stroll through Hyde Park, and up past Paddington from there. It hadn't really occurred to me before that the canal goes so close to Paddington, and with some recent redevelopment the area to the North East of Paddington station is actually very pleasant.

Lunch itself was fairly good, although it is unlikely to supplant either of our regulars as a new dim sum place.

After lunch we wandered back down through Hyde Park, and took in some of Winter Wonderland, the annual Christmas fair they set up there. After that we popped into the Waitrose in Belgravia, and bought some macarons from the Pierre Hermes shop round the corner.

For dinner I made cannelloni, which I thought would make a break from the usual lasagne. It ends up being about the same amount of effort, and isn't really as nice, but it's good to try something different now and again, and it was nice that Erika ate some of it too.

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