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My Birthday in Hiroshima

Posted on 2013/03/20 02:20:08 (March 2013).

[Friday 15th March 2013]
Spent the morning at Chie's parents place, drinking tea and eating various sweet things - including my birthday cake, a Baumkuchen. Chie gave me a rather nice pair of Lock and Co. cufflinks which I was very pleased with.

For lunch we went to a pizza place I'd found using the thing I work on - called Pizzariva. It was fairly authentic, and I think they'd won some awards.

After that we went to Shukkeien gardens, as I thought it might be nice to take some pictures on my birthday with Erika with some nice scenery - especially as she was wearing her Liberty dress. As it happened though she decided to have a nap instead, so we just rather awkwardly pushed her buggy through the little paths, carried it up and down steps, and over the tiny little slighty nerve wracking bridges. Still, it was quite picture-skew even though the cherry blossoms weren't quite in bloom yet - at least the plum trees were flowering.

Chie, Erika and I went back to Aeon Mall again later on in the afternoon so Chie could do a bit more shopping, and walked back from there by way of Yamaya, the discount booze shop, where I picked up a bottle of knock off Campari and a tiny bottle of prosecco.

Things took a bit of a turn for the worse in the evening, Chie's Dad had had a bit of a stomach ache in the afternoon, and by the evening was quite dramatically sick. This was something of a glimpse of what we had in store for the next few days...

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