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Christmas Day in Dartmouth

Posted on 2011/12/30 10:31:00 (December 2011).

[Sunday 25th December 2011]
We awoke quite late this morning, and gradually meandered downstairs for a lazy and drawn out breakfast - I decided to fry some halloumi as a sort of vegetarian answer to bacon.

Opening of presents commenced after breakfast, which was quite fun, accompanied with a very civilised glass of madeira and slice of Fortnum and Mason Christmas cake.

After that we all headed out for a Christmas day stroll along to Dartmouth castle, which was a fairly short walk as our house was already towards that end of town. On returning Chie and I then ventured out again, in the direction of Slapton, thinking we might on the off chance be able to have a Christmas drink at the Tower Inn, the pub we'd wanted to go to on a previous visit to Dartmouth, but hadn't quite managed. Slapton has some very narrow streets, the little lane leading to the pub in particular is incredibly narrow and last time round we hadn't wanted to risk taking the car down there so had abandoned the idea. This time we instead parked outside the village and walked in, but alas by the time we got there the pub had already closed for the day - it just opened between 11 and 1 on Christmas day. Ho, hum.

So instead we went for a bit of a stroll along the beach at Slapton Ley, which was rather nice.

We got back to the house by about 3:30, where we remained for the rest of the day. Robin and Robert were in charge of the Christmas meal, which had been scheduled for a somewhat vague "teatime", and ended up being 7ish. So we just sort of lolled about in the house for the remainder of the afternoon, not doing anything in particular.

Chie suggested that we dress for dinner - I had bought my suit with me, as Robin et al had been keen to see it, and it occurred to me I probably wouldn't have another chance to wear it. So I was ridiculously over dressed for dinner. Still, Vera and Robin seemed suitably impressed (if you'll pardon the pun) whilst Robert withheld comment.

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