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Christmas Shopping

Posted on 2011/12/18 10:40:50 (December 2011).

[Friday 16th December 2011]
I took the day off work today to try and get some Christmas shopping done when it would be a bit less crowded. I didn't actually get a massive amount of shopping done in the end, but did have quite a pleasant day out.

I started off by going for a somewhat overdue hair cut. I've tired of the usual generic style and thought I'd try something different, as well as a different barber. Having talked to one of the staff from Murdock at the Tweed Run I thought they were a suitably chappish company and decided to give them a go. They have quite a nice little setup in the basement of Liberty. I went in my suit, following the perhaps-slightly-eccentric logic that I was looking for a hair style that would go with it. Having identified I was also a bit of a foodie, the barber seemed to then spend more time talking about cooking than actually doing any cutting, but still somehow or other I ended up with something akin to a side parting, and although I suspect it will take a bit of getting used to I am actually quite pleased with the end result.

From there, I wandered down along Savile Row and through the Burlington Arcade, taking in a bit of Bond Street as well, to Fortnum and Mason. I'd arranged to meet Kyle there for lunch, and also did a bit of shopping beforehand. I don't feel like it's Christmas until I've been to F&M.

We had a very civilised and leisurely lunch in the wine bar (everywhere else was full), and then Kyle headed back to the office. Chie had requested a picture of my new haircut which accounts for the slightly odd self portrait in the mirror of the gents at F&M. It's actually quite hard to take a picture of your own hair, it turns out.

After leaving F&M I took a stroll over to Carey Street, as I wanted to go to the Silver Mousetrap, it's a jeweller's dating back to the 17th Century, which only opens Monday to Friday. Whilst in that neck of the woods it seemed as though it would be rude to not pop into the Seven Stars for a quick festive pint. After that I then indulged myself with a second visit to the fantastic John Soane museum. It was a bit quieter than it had been on my first visit, and the fact that the light was starting to fade just added to the atmosphere - they seem to avoid using electric lighting as much as possible. I spent most of my time in the picture room enjoying the Canalettos and Hogarths, and was particularly delighted to get a second chance to see A Rake's Progress. Quite blissful.

I headed back to F&M after that to pick up my hamper which they'd packed for me. I originally thought I'd soldier on and try to do some more shopping, but the hamper was fairly heavy, and as I stood dithering outside the shop the doorman asked me if I was waiting for a cab - and one promptly arrived. You don't get that at John Lewis. So I headed back home.

Chie was out for the evening at her company's Christmas party, I originally thought of trying to do something in the evening, but in the end decided to just stay in and slob about the flat.

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